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Metallic Filtration Systems

For 20 long years, Warco Inc. has been leading the sector of high-quality, performance-driven, and fully-rated filtration systems required for multiple industrial applications. When it comes to acquiring filtration systems that meet all the set standards of quality and efficiency, customers have always relied upon Warco Inc. Our corrosion-resistance, high-purity tested chemical process filters have never failed to meet their expectations.

What is Pipeline Pigging and How does a Filter Help?

Pipeline operations are most common in varied industrial sectors where materials in liquid and semi-liquid forms are transferred from one source to another. Often, these pipelines confront interruptions in flow, and flaws or cracks due to plugging, which may take disastrous shape if not taken care of at the right time. Pipeline pigging or using cylindrical shaped pigs clear up the passage inside the pipeline and hence, ensure smooth running of the line.

Now, it becomes imperative to install a high-quality and efficiently functional filter system that can do away with the slug of solids in front of the pig. This makes sure that the operational effectiveness of the pipeline is maintained and the materials movement inside the pipe is not hampered due to the slug of solids.

What Advantages does Warco Inc. Provides?

With years of industry experience, technological expertise, innovative up-gradation, and unfailing customer service, Warco Inc. has proven its excellence in the industry of filtration systems, and has thus gained leadership due to the following aspects of efficiency:

  • With 24″ diameter, 80″ filter, and flow over 4,900 gpm, Warco pipeline pigging filter systems are capable of removing solid slugs exceeding 300 lbs.
  • Warco Filters™ are capable of handling five times more flow than standard pipeline filters.
  • With a huge vessel diameter, Warco Filters™ are capable of holding 11 times more solids.
  • Each Warco 80″ filter can match the solids holding of 65 standard 30″ depth cartridges.
  • The flow pattern in Warco Filters™ is from inside to outside. This allows all the solids to be captured within the filter element, leaving no residue traces in the vessel for cleaner and faster change-outs.

Warco Inc. pipeline pigging filter systems are majorly used for the following applications:

  • Transmission Pipelines
  • Pigging Filter Vessels
  • Barge Loading Stations
  • Produced Water Injection
  • Large Amine System
  • LPG, LNG / Black Powder

Warco provides durably-built pipeline pigging filters that are designed to withstand corrosion, chemical harshness and reactions, and environmental extremities. These highly engineered and high capacity filters are robustly manufactured to provide several years of service life.

Metallic Filtration Systems: