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WARCO, INC. - Your complete source for high performance filtration equipment.

WARCO’s high performance non-metallic pleated, bag, cartridge and disc filters address corrosive processes. WARCO polypropylene filter and PVDF pleated/bag filter systems serve as the benchmark for robust engineered thermoplastic designs to withstand corrosive services and environments. Our wide selection of filter designs include standard cartridge, horizontal disc filters, powder or granular carbon systems, felt bag,high capacity pleated designs and many new filter advancements. WARCO,leak-proof systems are powered by seal-less, mag-drive pumps and equipped with CHEMTREX™ high capacity elements and media. WARCO’s comprehensive line includes horizontal and vertical process pumps, rotameters and power monitors to enhance your process.  

WARCO’s heavy duty range of carbon steel or stainless steel ASME pressure code rated filter vessels meet the most demanding applications. High solids, high flow capacity filter vessels withstand arduous transmission pipeline, high pressure pipeline for liquids or gases (e.g.,amines, hydrocarbons, gasoline, diesel, jet fuels, methane, ethane, LPG, LNG, produced water and water injection, waste water, etc.), including chemical processing, pipeline and pigging filtration. WARCO filter systems provide the latest technology for meeting demanding pipeline pigging solids loading. For example, a 24” diameter x 80” metallic filter vessel can flow over 500 gpm of fluids or 4,900 gpm liquefied gases (e.g., LPG, LNG, etc.), and can remove over 300 lbs of solids. WARCO metallic high flow pleated vessels are equipped with quick open enclosures for simplified change-outs performed in several minutes to minimize down-time.