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WARCO™ Horizontal Disc Filter Media

WARCO, Inc. provides Chemtrex™ horizontal disc filter media in a variety of media materials and a choice of disc diameter sizes. Our nominal or absolute rated disc media are available in materials such as pure polypropylene, polypropylene felt, PVDF, cellulose, and D.E. impregnated cellulose, polyester and carbon impregnated.

The WARCO™ range of retrofit disc elements can be designed to your exacting specifications.

Disc Filter Media Materials

  • Absolute D.E. Impregnated Cellulose Paper
  • Pure Polypropylene
  • Absolute PVDF Micro-fiber
  • Polyester
Disc Diameter Sizes Include: 5”, 8”, 10”, 12” 18” 22” & 33”

Metal Finishing & Treatment Applications:

  • Electroplating Solutions
  • Metal Treatment
  • Waste Effluent Polishing
  • Powder Carbon Treatment

Heavy Duty Applications Like Dewatering Of:

  • Iron ore taconite
  • Hematite
  • Coal
  • Aluminum hydrate
  • Copper concentrate
  • Pyrite flotation concentrates
  • Beneficiation processes


WARCO, Inc’s series GFL Copolymer Lined Disc Filters bring together the best of materials technology and manufacturing techniques. Engineered thermoplastics provide long-term reliability, extending MTBF (Mean-Time-Between-Failures) by a factor of 3-4X over lesser grade materials. Warco, Inc employs a special ‘bubble-tight’ sealing technique that effectively protects your process from harmful carbon and solids by-passing.

Materials of Construction
  • Filter Vessel: Copolymer lined carbon steel or stainless steel
  • Pipe, Fittings & Valves: CPVC or glass-free polypropylene
  • Slurry Tank: Fabricated polypropylene
  • Pump (optional): Fluoroplastic lined, seal-less mag-drive
  • Platform Base: Polypropylene covered powder coated fabricated steel
Typical Applications
  • Bright nickel carbon treatment
  • Acid copper continuous filtration & bath re-conditioning
  • Zinc chloride
  • Carbon treatment tank polishing
  • Waste water treatment
You can confidently use these filters with the Warco Exclusive Warranty to back you. WARCO, Inc offers:
  • Disc Pack Guaranteed Free of By-Passing!
WARCO™ THERMOPLASTIC DISC FILTRATION SYSTEMS Series GF Rugged Thermoplastic Disc Filtration Systems

Constructed in Glass-Free Polypropylene

WARCO Inc’s CHEMAG™ Series GF horizontal disc filtration systems offer superior performance while being exceedingly easy to maintain. These filtration systems feature solid, fusion-welded, glass-free polypropylene thermoplastic construction that withstands the most corrosive applications.

The solid thermoplastic construction is entirely devoid of metallic parts, rubber lining or glue welding, thus providing you exceptional purity and optimal chemical resistance. Warco Inc’s CHEMAG™ Series GF horizontal disc filter systems are equipped with heavy duty thermoplastic seal-less magnetic pumps.

Salient Features:
  • Series GF horizontal disc systems are available in 5”, 8” 10”, 12” and 18” diameter sizes.
  • Slurry tank designs are available for continuous or intermittent carbon treatment.
  • Expect several years of a trouble-free service life thanks to the corrosion proof, polypropylene filter vessels.
  • All systems are equipped with polypropylene or PVDF seal-less mag-drive pumps for ensuring a leak-free process.
Performance Range:
  • Capacities up to 20,000 GPH
  • Disc systems are available in 5”, 8” 10”, 12” and 18” diameter sizes.
  • Powder Carbon Capacity: up to 1.85 cubic feet (per vessel)