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String Wound Filter

Looking for a perfect and cost-effective solution to substantially reduce the amount of impurities and other suspended elements in water and other liquids? We, WARCO, Inc. bring you a solution that is the result of extensive R&D conducted across industries and cutting-edge manufacturing excellence. Amongst our various filtration systems, WARCO’s String Wound Filter is known for its excellent design and engineering. It is commonly used for filtering:

  • Process chemicals
  • Reagents
  • Photo chemicals
  • Cosmetic Oils
  • Film developers
  • Solvents
  • Galvanic baths
  • Corrosive Chemicals
  • Edible oils
  • Acids and bases
  • Process water
  • Paints
  • high-viscosity chemicals

Our attention to the finest details has helped us create high-quality string filters that offer high flow rates, low pressure drops and excellent dirt holding capacities. The system, which provides exceptional quality media filtration, is largely purchased by customers from Food & Beverage, Water Inks/Paints/Coatings, Power, Coolants, Pulp & Paper, Desalination, and Chemical industries.

Know about its Significant Features

Available in a wide range of lengths and micron ratings, WARCO’s String Wound Filter features:

  • Elements manufactured using high-speed and cutting-edge machinery.
  • Various media grades and micron ratings to meet specific process requirements.
  • Various end cap configurations to fit in your existing housing.
  • Tested and certified to NSF:ANSI 61&42 standards.
  • Consistent quality and high particulate retention due to single-strand and continuous winding process.
  • Low-cost, reliable filtration performance and excellent contaminant holding capacity.
  • Long service and high flow rate due to continuous strand winding process.
  • Outstanding filtering with no odor, no foaming and no media migration.

Whatever we produce, we make sure that it is of high quality conforming to international quality standards and specifications. Our string wound dilter is also made to the highest standard after analyzing the industry specific filtration requirements. Associate with the expert at the earliest to avail the industry’s best and reliable filtration solutions with overall cost effectiveness.


  • String Wound Filter