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LINEMAN Power Monitors

WARRENDER LINEMAN power monitors are solid-state electronic monitoring and control units, specially designed to protect valuable pump equipment against irregular operating conditions like dry running, cavitation and impeller jamming. If such an event occurs, the monitor will sound an alarm and automatically shut down your system, preventing chemical spillage or damage to costly equipment.

LINEMAN power monitors use the motor as a sensor, observing for specific changes in electrical current that indicate an impending hazardous condition. By eliminating the need for additional mechanisms or sensors to be installed within the driven process, LINEMAN monitors can reduce the risks of contamination and leakage caused by breaches in the system.

In addition to detecting and preventing equipment damage, these state of the art control units provide accurate measurement of power consumption and/or motor output.

The LINEMAN LM-5, LM-6 and LM-7 units can also be interfaced with process control applications to provide feedback on changes in operating conditions such as fluid viscosity or system pressure, for reliable automatic process control.

All LINEMAN power monitors are compact and lightweight, and can be mounted to standard 35mm DIN rails as specified by DIN 46277.

Lineman Series:

  • LM-3

  • LM-5

  • LM-6