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CHEMTREX® High Flow Filters

CHEMTREX high flow filters serve as the benchmark for high capacity filtration elements. Robust, highly engineered designs withstand extreme process conditions that will quickly collapse conventional designs.

CHEMTREX Series WH pleated bag filter elements efficiently meet the most demanding filtration requirements. Filter life is largely a function of media surface area. WH elements provide 10-20 times more media surface area than conventional filter bags for reducing fluid velocity and surface layer density, resulting in maximized filter life. WH elements meet high flow ratings in a single element, replacing vast quantities of spent conventional cartridges. Whether it's high purity at absolute ratings, high flows at low or sub-micron levels and/or high solids loading requirements, CHEMTREX WH pleated bag elements offer optimal efficiencies, extended filter life and simplified maintenance procedures.

CHEMTREX WH elements are constructed from thermally bonded, absolute rated, high porosity, filter media without contaminating adhesive materials that degrade in the presence of chemical solutions or temperature cycling. WH filter elements are available in various design configurations

High flow filter, high solids capacity filter elements withstand arduous system pressures common in R.O. pre-filtration, chemical processing, corrosive solutions (PCB, electroplating, metal treatment, waste effluent, etc.) chemical, transmission pipeline, high pressure pipeline for liquids or gases (e.g., amines, hydrocarbons, gasoline, diesel, jet fuels, methane, ethane, LPG, LNG), produced water and water injection, waste water, chemical processing, pipeline and pigging filtration. WARCO filter systems provide the latest technology for meeting demanding pipeline pigging solids loading.

The real advantages of WARCO Inc’s high flow capacity filters emerge in the most demanding applications. They are widely used in: transmission pipelines, LPG, LNG/Black Powder, Pigging Filter Vessels, Produced Water Injection, Barge Loading Systems, Large Amine System and so on. These filters are ideal for pipeline pigging as an effective and more productive replacement for standard filter systems.

  • Absolute rated, high surface area (up to 125 sq. ft. per element) for maximum flow ratings
  • Precisely meets the most demanding low or sub-micron requirements
  • 5-20 times more surface area (with 20-80 times the life) over conventional bags
  • High solids loading capacity with the convenience of a bag
  • Highly porous, pure media is free of fibrous particulate matter
  • Thermally bonded media eliminates contamination from extractable adhesive materials
  • Positive o-ring seal prevents by-passing of solids- even in elevated temperatures
  • Simplified maintenance allows for rapid change outs in only 5-10 minutes
  • Lightweight, crushable PP material for more efficient disposal or recycling
Chemtrex® filter elements are complemented by a wide range of stainless steel, copolymer lined, polypropylene and PVDF filtration vessels accommodating the latest high llow and 226 pleated element designs.