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Being in the industry dealing with filtration system for 2 decades, Warco Inc has mastered in providing the very best to its clients from several sectors. The filtration systems from Warco Inc. comprises certain high-quality and performance-driven filter media products that are tested against all quality parameters.

Take a brief look at all the ingeniously-manufactured filter media products offered by Warco Inc and their applications:

String Wound Filter: Known for its excellent design and efficient engineering, string wound filter is used for process chemicals, photo chemicals, film developers, galvanic baths, edible oils, process water, high-viscosity chemicals and many other applications. Few of its significant features are low pressure drops, excellent dirt holding capabilities and high flow rates.

Melt Blown Filter: Valued for its high-fluid purity, durability and precision-made automated machinery, melt blown filter is perfect for challenging industrial applications like filtration media, medical fabrics, sanitary products, oil absorbent, apparel, hot-melt adhesives, electronic specialties and many other. The major features of this filter can be mentioned as outstanding chemical compatibility, low pressure drop, high filtration efficiency, long service life, etc.

Cryogenic Filters: For high-quality andprecise cryogenic fluid and cold gas filtration, Warco’s cryogenic filters provide the best solutions for various applications such as frozen storage solutions, thin-wall containers and cans, blood banking, food and beverage, aerospace and rocket fuelling, electric power transmission, cooling of infrared camera, sterilizing of medical devices and semiconductor chip fabrication

Vent Filter: Available for multiple usages, Warco’s vent filters are known for their sturdy construction, durability and versatility of applications. The ingeniously-designed and precion-made product is used for its usages in the field of sampling, testing, integrity, venting and safe and complete drainage of liquids. These filters are highly used in the industries like biotechnology, veterinary, food and beverage, medical device, laboratory and chemical processing.

CHEMTREX ™ Standard DOE Depth Filter Cartridges: These are provided by Warco in either pre-washed media format or conventional types according to the process requirements. With ratings of 1 – 12 microns, these cartridges are available in materials such as Polypropylene, glass fiber media, cotton or cartridges with encapsulated powdered carbon.

CHEMTREX ™ Felt Bag Elements: These felt bags are offered in an extensive range of materials and configurations in order to suit accurate requirements. With micron ratings of 1 – 150, these felt bag designs include single layer bag, monofilament screen bag, multi layer bag, oil absorbing pre-charged bag, granular carbon or resin bag

Polypropylene Filter: These thermoplastic and high-performance filters with designs including D.O.E. (double-open-end) or S.O.E. (single-open-end),are available in varied configurations in order to fulfill specific and critical process requirements. Due to their excellent chemical resistance, these are used in chemical processing, food and beverage, oil, liquids and detergents.

CHEMTREX ™ High Capacity Pleated Elements: These filters are capable of meeting the most demanding process requirements. Some of the important features are: high porosity, lower pressure drop, micro-fiber media technology and absolute BETA-5000 ratings from 0.45 to 120 microns. These filters are ideal for POP, electronic and MIL spec applications.

Warco™ Horizontal Disc Filter Media: These horizontal disc filter media available in a variety of materials come with accurate specifications to meet specific requirements. These are used for varied applications such as metal treatment, waste effluent polishing, electroplating solutions and powder carbon treatment.

CHEMTREX ™ Back Washable Filter Elements: perfect for high solids processing, these filter elements are designed for back flushing CIP systems. With micron ratings of 1 -100, these are available in materials like polypropylene or pure polyethylene.

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