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CHEMTREX ™ Felt Bag Elements

Chemtrex™ felt bags are available in a wide range of materials and configurations for exacting process requirements. Single or multilayer polypropylene felt media bags are available in nominal or absolute ratings from 1 micron to 150 micron. Optional materials include polypropylene, glass fiber, nylon, and polyester. Monofilament screen bags provide high capacity screening for heavy solids, a pre-charged oil absorbing bag for petroleum oil filtration and recovery, or a rechargeable granular carbon (or ion exchange resin) bags are cost effective means for carbon treatment requirements.

Micron Ratings:

  • 1 to 200 Microns Nominal

Bag Designs Include:

  • Single Layer Bag
  • Multi Layer Bag
  • Monofilament Screen Bag
  • Oil Absorbing Pre-Charged Bag
  • Granular Carbon or Resin Bag

Bag Dimensions Include:

  • 6” diameter x 15”(No 1), 30”(No. 2), 40” and 60”