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Cryogenic Filter

High-quality and robustly built cryogenic filter manufactured by Warco Inc. serves as an ultimate solution for cryogenic fluid and cold gas filtration. WARCO takes every measure to ensure that the production of filters meet necessary standards of quality in order to provide only the best, most apt and efficient filtration solution to the clients.

What are cryogenic liquids and where are they used?

There are certain gases that are kept in their liquid state at extremely low temperature to be used for certain applications. With boiling points below -150°C(- 238°F), these are gases which are transformed into liquefied state under varying conditions of pressure and temperature. The different types of cryogenic gases that require filtration are: nitrogen, helium, neon, argon, hydrogen, methane, LPG and liquid oxygen

Now, these cryogenic liquids are used for a variety of applications and procedures such as research and experimentation activities, frozen storage solutions, thin-wall containers and cans, packaging of food and beverage, aerospace and rocket fuelling, blood banking, electric power transmission, cooling of infrared camera, sterilizing of medical devices and semiconductor chip fabrication.

Why is it required to filter cryogenic liquids and how a Cryogenic Filter helps in the same?

Cryogenic liquids require being extremely pure and sterile without any microbial contamination while being used for certain applications. Removal of impurities and arresting the growth of microbes becomes necessary during some applications, which include:

  • Mixing of cryogenic liquids with food or beverage for storage, packaging and preservation purposes
  • Cryogenic liquids like liquid oxygen require filtration or sterilization before being used for medical applications in hospitals
  • It is imperative to use completely sterile, clean, filtered and particle-free cryogenic liquids during semiconductor chip fabrication
  • Cryogenic liquids when used as fuels for rockets and aerospace applications must come without any presence of impurities and hence filtration becomes a solution

Cryogenic Filters: Specifications

Cryogenic filters are used to remove unwanted particles, contaminants and microbial presence from the cryogenic liquids. It helps deliver sterility to the cryogenic liquids as well as a desired flow rate to the liquids.

The major components that a cryogenic filter comes with are as follows:

  • Pores with size 0.2 micron or less
  • Stainless steel body
  • Sterilizing medium in the form of a sterile inert gas
  • Sterilization conduit section
  • Gas valve or heater
  • By-pass conduit
  • Temperature sensor
  • Cryogenic couplings and seal-off valves
  • Sterilization medium outlet
  • A drain valve

Cryogenic filters from WARCO Inc. undergo necessary inspection and testing procedure to make sure about their operational and functional accuracy and efficiency. With high purity limits and a wide range of capacities, cryogenic filters from Warco Inc. have more than few reasons to lead the industry.



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