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CHEMTREX ™ High Capacity Pleated Elements

Chemtrex™ Series WH/I/J high performance pleated filters, with ratings down to 0.45 micron absolute, meet the most demanding process requirements. Highly porous, CHEMTREX™ pleated elements feature a lower pressure drop across the life of the element to maintain critical bath turnover rates. Filtration Affinity Law: Doubling either media surface area or porosity quadruples life.

Advanced Pleated Filtration Technology

  • Micro-fiber media technology for low filtration levels at high capacities
  • Absolute BETA-5000 ratings from 0.45 to 120 microns @ 99.9+% efficiency precisely meet process requirements
  • Extends media life and reduces unnecessary hazardous waste with maximum surface area and minimal mass
  • Ideal for demanding POP, electronics and MIL spec applications
  • Simplified change-outs performed in less than 5 minutes reduces labor costs

Micron Ratings:

  • 0.45 to 120 Microns Absolute (Meets BETA-5000)


  • 6” diameter x 10”, 15”, 20”, 30”, 40”, 60” & 80” lengths
  • Chemtrex™ retrofits are available for Pal designs.