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WARCO™ Pleated & Thermoplastic Bag Filter Systems

Series GH Robust Pleated & Bag Filter Systems

WARCO, Inc’s WARCO™ Series GH is a range of thermally bonded pleated bag filters with absolute ratings from 0.2 to 120 microns. These filters are preferred across industries for their exceptionally high performance even in the most aggressive ad demanding applications.

The WARCO pleated bag filters are highly porous, thus delivering a lower pressure drop across the life of the element to maintain critical bath turnover rates.

These systems can also be fitted with retrofit felt bags or granular carbon bags from Warco, Inc.

Chamber Design Features

The bag filter systems are constructed with rugged and solid polypropylene that is free of glass fillers, pigments or metallic stabilizers, PVC glue or bead welding. This renders them entirely free of internal or external corrosion. They are fusion welded so as to attain a uniform thickness and integral design with no weak spots. This enables them to withstand extreme process conditions.

These systems are further accentuated with the integration of a heavy duty polypropylene seal-less mag-drive pump.

The Pleated Advantage

  • Absolute Beta 5000 ratings from 0.2 to 120 microns @ 99.98% efficiency precisely meet process requirements
  • Compact designs save costly floor space (1”- 60” H x 1 ft² housing provides 100+ sq. ft of media.
  • Ideal for demanding chemical, plating, POP, PCB, electronics, MIL spec and R.O. applications
  • Simplified change-outs performed in less than 5 minutes
The Pleated Advantage
  • Capacities up to 1,000+ GPM (60,000+ GPH
  • Chambers sizes available: 6” x 11”/15”/30”/40”/ 60”; simplex, duplex or multiplex