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Warco, Inc

WARCO, INC. is dedicated to providing the most technologically advanced filtration and pumping systems for maximizing production safety, quality, reliability and efficiency in liquid purification and process industries while serving to protect the environment.  

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CHEMTREX™ pleated filter technology by WARCO meets the most demanding process applications. CHEMTREX™ filter elements employ thermally bonded, micro-fiber filter media capable of filtering minute particles that elude other filtration methods. Filtering at absolute Beta 5000 retention levels requires a total system that can hold the captured particles, without instantaneous blinding of the media, while maintaining removal efficiencies of 99.98%. This eliminates the guesswork associated with nominal filter systems that filter in the range of 50-70% efficiency. CHEMTREX ™ filter technology meets critical quality control standards, as required in high purity electronics, fine decorative plating, plating on plastics (POP), Mil spec applications, fine chemical processing, ultra-pure liquids, water treatment and R.O. pre-treatment processes.